The Selfascope™ is a patent pending device that captures “out of reach “ images by turning your phone and selfie stick into a periscope

We saw the need for the Selfascope™ when watching a golf tournament on TV. The crowd was gathered around the green, reaching over each other trying to get a picture of the golfer with their cell phones.

We envisioned a periscope reaching above the crowd much like a submarine periscope reaching above the surface of the water.

After many, many prototypes, we have a provisionally patented, two piece periscope system. It attaches to your phone and the base of your selfie stick. 

We found a number of additional uses for the Selfascope™ when we were creating prototypes, and those are showcased in our videos.

A Different Perspective

With almost endless uses, the Selfascope™ is a fun and inexpensive way to capture unique images without a ladder or higher platform.

Multiple Uses

The Selfascope™ is commonly used for:

  • Concerts/Events

  • Looking into or above tall cupboards/light fixtures

  • Looking into Attics (hard to reach places)

  • Landscape photography

  • Kids games

How It Works

The Selfascope™ is essentially made of two pieces:

  • The top mirror which gently attaches to your phone

  • The bottom mirror which attaches to the base of your selfie stick

The bottom mirror shows exactly what is on your phone