I’m getting the best angels on my pictures with this thing, it also takes strain off my neck and my back.
— Devin F. - Binghamton, NY
I was a little skeptical when I got this, but I’ve ended up using it quite a bit. It’s really easy to use and quick too.
— Adam C. - Nashville, TN
As a Product Tester, I was surprised how easy it is to use. I Always have it with me when I hiking or spending time outdoors. The images I get from just a couple feet higher make a big difference with landscape shots. Having the device so compact makes it really simple to to take anywhere!
— Angelica G. - Toledo, OH
I bought this for my kids, but I ended up using it myself at a concert, it really works! I couldn’t believe how easy it was!
— Jason D. - Grand Rapids, MI

I do some professional photography as a side business, so I wasn’t really expecting much out of a cell phone camera device, but the photos have a different feel from a couple feet higher, I actually get the most comments on those.

Jerrell C. - Toledo, OH

I got this for my grandkids and they use it all the time, the little ones play make believe with it, the older ones use it for concerts and just to take cool pictures. I didn’t think I would use it but it actually came in handy for looking above a cupboard! I found a spare set of keys that had probably been there for years!
— Joanne H. - Genoa, OH